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Kenwood Australia 12 Month Warranty.

Kenwood KDC-X8016BT Bluetooth Car CD USB Ipod Tuner

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Information About This Item

Kenwood KDC-X8016BT Bluetooth Car CD USB Ipod Tuner

General Features

  • MP3/WMA Play Back
  • Bluetooth Hands Free
  • Ipod Connectivity
  • USB Play Back
  • 3 RCA Pre Out (4V)
  • Flip-down Detachable Faceplate
  • 5 Line Vairiable Full dot LCD Display
  • Supplied with Remote Controller (RC-405)
  • Rotary Encoder and Search Key for easy operation
  • Music Search and Favorite memory function
  • Variable Illumination & Illumination Effect
  • Display Off mode function
  • Spectrum Analyzer

MP3 Playback with ID3 Tag Display
MP3 is a new audio format that lets you store 10 CD's worth of music on a single disc(1).
Using MP3 encoder software on your PC, you can convert CD tracks into MP3 files about 1/10
the size of the original CD audio data*. This means you can fit music from 10 CDs into a single
CD-R/RW disc for nonstop entertainment from about 100 tracks(2). And with Kenwood's Car
CD-Receiver, you can play your original CDs when you're driving(3).

Another advantage of MP3 is that you can download MP3 format music files from a growing number
of websites on the Internet for even more audio enjoyment.

(1) Assuming approx. 5 minutes per track, converted to MP3 at standard bit rate of 128 kbps,
     compare recorded on 650 MB capacity CD-R/RW disc.
(2) Other than for personal listening enjoyment, the duplication or recording of copyrighted
     material onto sidc or tape is strictly prohibited.
(3) To make MP3 files that can be played on your Kenwood CD-receiver,it is necessary for the
      recording format to be set to ISO9660 level 1 or level 2 in the file-writing application software.

USB Digital connection (1 wire)

If you own an iPod, simply connect it to a Kenwood CD receiver via the USB cable that comes with the iPod or better yet use the optional KCA-iP101 1-wire iPod Interface Cable for crystal clear digital audio playback. Note: Use of the optional iPod Interface Cable KCA-iP101 is recommended as it is designed for the hard temperatures of a car environment.

Bluetooth unit built-in
Kenwood also wants to tap the incredible potential of Bluetooth for in-car entertainment systems. That is why we adopted Parrot’s high-performance Bluetooth module, which not only delivers superb “hands free” communication but also is equipped with a host of advanced functions like *SMS support. In some units we have addition integrated new capability to play music files stored in *A2DP-compatible devices to bring a wireless world of seamless entertainment into your car. Enjoy the safety and convenience of “hands free” phone calls. * available features depends on phone model/make and Kenwood headunit

Kenwood Music Editor Software included
Kenwood’s Music Editor is an original desktop software that helps organise, manage, and transfer music files to USB devices. Automatic Playlist Generation is another newly available function that analyses each song based on the tempo/spectrum distribution and categories them into familiar genres such as Pop, Rock, Ballad, etc.


When a music file is compressed, the high frequency signals are lost, particularly if it is encoded using a low bit rate. The Supreme technology is a Kenwood-original audio compensation technology that compensates for this loss and reproduces music in a more natural form, thereby making it possible to play music recorded using low bit rates (64k to 96k) in an audio quality equivalent to music recorded using a higher bit rate (equivalent to 128k) This compensation may sometimes be inoperative with certain types of music or bit rates. This means that 1.5 or 2 times more music files than before can be recorded with high compression ratios in a CD-R/RW without losing the natural, rich sound of music files recorded with lower compression ratios.

Music Search function

Music Search :
The naming of search function for all model will be “Music Search”. (Not M. Jog or Browsing)

Alphabet Search : (only for iPod)
It is possible to search songs with artists and so on by alphabet. You won’t need to turn the knob on and on to find the song that you want to listen!!

Skip Search : (only for iPod)
You can skip files with pre-fixed skip steps. (Default step is 0.5%) Alphabet search and Skip Search can be used together without mode change. This “Dual Search Function” is only available from Kenwood!!

KME Lite : (only Mass Storage Class USB Devices)
Simplified PC application is available for searching songs and titles in USB. So easy, just click once and go!!

Installer Memory
This function stores the optimum acoustic field set by an expert installer to suit the specific vehicle. If the user does not like the acoustic field as adjusted by him or herself, the user can recall the default setting made by the installer.

Sound Excellence DSP
The car is the severest test for audio systems, and Kenwood answers the challenge with Sound Excellence DSP. When road noise threatens to bury the nuances, the Highway-Sound function is ready to restore the excitement in the music. When the sound from different speakers does not seem to arrive in sync, built-in Digital Time Alignment optimises timing for an ideal listening experience. Turn on the advanced digital audio compensation technology of Supreme+ and enhance sound reproduction for near-CD quality from compressed audio files. True to its name, the Sound Excellence DSP suite of functions opens new frontiers in audio excellence – a standard of quality that can only be called Kenwood.

System Q_EX (Preset & Manual Sound Control)
System QEX (Preset & Manual Sound Control) This equalization system enables the EQ curve to be preset according to the music type (Rock, Pops, Jazz, etc.). The speaker matching is preset according to speaker type and the Bass/Mid/Treble response adjusted by manual EQ adjustment, Q-control and base extension control. Traditional equalization systems employ multiple filters with fixed centre frequencies and Q-factors (sharpness levels) all over the frequency band. Users adjust the levels of the filters in order to obtain the desired sound. However, as such systems require many filters the sound quality has often been inferior. To deal with this problem, KENWOOD has introduced the notion of parametric equalization, with which the user can select the frequencies (points) that really require adjustments as well as the Q-factors (sharpness levels). Basically it uses only the same number of filters as the number of frequency bands (low, mid and high bands in case of a 3-band parametric equalizer), so that it can solve problems associated with traditional equalization systems including the dulling of sound due to adjacent frequencies.

System E's+ (Built-in HPF & LPF)
The head unit incorporates High-Pass Filters that process the front and rear channel signals independently in 8 steps (Through/40/60/80/100/120/150/180/220 Hz) and a phase-switchable Low-Pass Filter that processes the subwoofer channel signal in 5 steps (50/60/80/100/120 Hz/Through). The system features a subwoofer that reproduces low frequencies exclusively through the subwoofer channel thus making it possible to reduce the problems associated with low frequencies such as resonation of doors and dulling of vocal frequencies.

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